2022 Fee Schedule 


Tuition Fees


Annual Fee

Reception to Year 6:  $4,100       

Year 7 to 10:  $4,370

School Card Fee 

Reception to Year 6:  $2,660   

Year 7 to 10:  $2,840

Sibling Discount for second student (tuition charges only)

Annual Fee                $700 discount

School Card Fee         $700 discount

No tuition fees charged for third and subsequent students


Payment Discount

Full payment by January 31, 2022​: $150 discount per tuition fee-paying student. 


Payment Options

Payment in full (see above)

Payment by Direct Debit, Credit Card Authority or Centrepay


The frequency and amount of direct debit payments are arranged to suit individual financial situations.

Students commencing after the beginning of Term 1 will be charged pro-rata tuition fees.


Additional Costs

▪ School uniforms
▪ Bus transport between home and the College (if required)
▪ Extra-curricular programs including recreational sport, arts and instrumental music lessons
▪ Additional consumables beyond what is regularly used in class for personal projects that students undertake and retain ownership of (e.g., large canvas for art)
▪ Other non-compulsory activities including mission trips


Creditable Confirmation Fee

A non-refundable amount of $150 per fee paying student (the administration costs associated with prospective enrolments and interviews) is payable to the College on submission of the signed enrolment contract. This amount will be fully credited against tuition fees upon commencement.